Good design changes how something looks.
Great design elevates how someone feels.

By transforming design thinking into feeling, we enhance lives. Our brand experiences are crafted to make tasks easier, laughter more contagious, and conversations more rewarding. And we do with a little help from Mother Nature.

Hello, we’re Headless Hippies.

Headless: Design that aims at the heart

Hippies: Solutions that are inspired by Nature

Teaching school kids about nutrition in the language of design

Why choose Headless Hippies ?

People. Process. Product.
In that order.

To give brands more meaning, we design around the people who use them.

The beginning is always a great place to start. That’s why we circle back to the consumer’s need for the product, how it’s used, how it’s made, and finally, how it can be made better.

It’s not biomimicry.
It’s bioinspiration.

Our design thinking process is grounded in Nature’s solutions.

Nature doesn’t just resolve a problem; she evolves a solution. Nothing is wasted, everything is in sync, and the world’s a better place for it. So, who better to learn from?

The big picture. The details.
And everything in between.

Every solution is designed to evolve the brand and build long-term relationships with consumers.

Brand Identity, Websites,  packaging, apps, the works – they’re part of a greater,  continuous dialogue with consumers. By treating everything as part of an ecosystem, we make the conversation more meaningful and rewarding.

A new brand identity for a new brand of leadership

What we do.

We look at brands holistically to ensure that our design solution contributes to the brand narrative and answers the consumers’ need. Simply put, everyone wins.


Learn From the Best Designer in the Universe.

When we’re at the drawing board, tossing around ideas for brand identities, packaging and the like, we increasingly find ourselves asking, “How would Nature approach this?”