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Changemaker Schools - Global Identity Design

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About Ashoka Changemaker Schools

Ashoka Changemaker Schools enable their students to become changemakers: young people with the skills and confidence to change the world for the good of all. For 35 years, Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship – finding, selecting and supporting some of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. Ashoka’s network of over 3,000 Ashoka Fellows is successfully implementing system-changing solutions to human and environmental problems in almost every area of need, in 85 countries.


A modern organization or an ecosystem is like a school of fish. It’s not about big versus small fish. It is about fish with unique skills and different roles, unified in purpose and coordinated in action. The performance of the team is a function of how well the group moves in formation, transferring information within its structure. It is not about me or you. It is about us as a whole.

Leadership is when we take responsibility for more than ourselves. When every member of the team does this, a virtuous circle is formed. An excellent leader says “we” and not “I”. They know success is a group effort.


We decided to use school of fish as a metaphor because we believe it had all the attributes that we are talking about Changemaker schools. The fluidity of the form inspired us to start designing a logo which can transform based on a need. The school of fish as a concept helped us to represent Changemaker Schools not just from point of a single person but represent change making as a team work through leadership and empathy. We also felt that more than an abstract concept, a concept from nature would be a great reference point as we believe that nature is an open source of knowledge and how we can learn from nature which is our closest knowledge bank. Everything in nature is designed so perfectly and yet that perfection can be broken and can adapt when situation demands.