Sleepyhead Mattress

Sleepyhead Mattress

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Sleepyhead Mattress was a new entry to the competitive world of mattresses. First of the “bed in a box” kind in India. A revolutionary product which needed an equally intriguing brand identity. We designed something that was young, but not juvenile; quirky but intelligent, and something lovable that the millennials would immediately want to experience. Solution? The easy-peasy mattress.


Everyone loves sleep as much as the next guy, because it is easy. There… we had it!! It’s an easy mattress to order, to unbox, and to sleep in. Not just that, it is easily delivered, and the customers save a boatload of money easily. So it became “The easy peasy mattress”. Now the logo. A logo is successful only when it embodies the purposeful ideas and feelings of a brand, and it has to capture a company’s peak essence. The shut eye logo of Sleepyhead mattress is a perfect example when everything falls into place.

Here’s the logo, photography and film concept we developed for this premier mattress company.